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In 1988, 4 dipshit friends were sitting around in an apartment ... The Sundance Apartment complex in Roseville, California ... sitting around watching football.

Dipshit #1 said to the other 3, 'I am so bored, let's see if we can make this more interesting' ... so right then and there, the plans were outlined for what would become the

Sundance Football League.

Shane Fantozzi, Scott Martin, Mark Pitman and Glen Cartwright ... the 4 dipshits with nothing else to do, put their names in a hat and started picking players ... Scott Martin, his team name 'The Stick' (because his girlfriend always made fun of the fact that when he watched football, when a player was tackled viscously he always muttered 'stuck' to no one in particular) ... drew the lucky first pick, who ended being Herschel Walker of the Dallas Cowboys ...

And they were off ... the dipshits had now graduated to being Geeks!

The Sundance Football League is one of the oldest fantasy sports leagues in existence. Before the fantasy craze, before football box scores, before 24/7 highlights, and definitely before the internet.

I wish I could say that the SFL creators used their insights to cash in on the money to be made in fantasy sports ... I wish I could say that ... but remember, they are dipshits.

In 2002 basketball was added, The Sundance Basketball League ... with the SFL and SBL, it is now known as Sundance Fantasy Sports.

With 2 original members still active, Mark and Scott, they are cruising along, dipshits and geeks to the core. - Dipshit #2

Herschel Walker 1st pick in SFL history
Tim Duncan 1st pick in SBL history